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Driven To Excel From Start to Finish





Water Hub

Start Date: September 2017

End Date: August 2018

Job Description:  Pidherney’s Inc. is building a water hub for a client East of Rocky Mountain House. Total volume of dirt moved: 350,000m3. Anywhere from 30-40 personnel on site at any given time. List of Equipment:
  • 670G John Deere Excavator
  • 470G John Deere Excavator
  • D8T Caterpillar Dozer
  • D6T LGP (GPS) Caterpillar Dozer
  • 627G Motor Scrapers
  • 40 Ton Rock Trucks
  • 14M Grader
  • 815 Caterpillar Packer
Booster Site

Start Date: July 2018

End Date: August 2018

Job Description:  Pidherney’s Inc. is building a booster site for a client in Fox Creek, AB. Gravel to be hauled on this site estimated 13,000 tonne - supplied and delivered. Anywhere from 10-15 personnel on site at any given time. List of Equipment:
  • D9T Caterpillar Dozer
  • D8T Caterpillar Dozer
  • D6T LPG (GPS)
  • 470G John Deere Excavator
  • 30 Ton Rock Trucks
  • 815F Packer
  • 14M Grader (GPS)
Landfill Construction

Start Date: March 2018

End Date: July 2018

The scope of work is to complete tree clearing (13 ha), mulching & salvaging timber, and Muskeg stripping to stockpile (75,000m3); common excavation for bearms roads, clay layer (135,000m3). As of May 18 we are partially complete the clay and layering system; installation assistance for double-layer geosynthetic liner system, tie-ons into Cell 4, sand protection layer; supply and installation of leachate collection piping, risers, pipeline tie-in, with full extraction and distribution system; final construction of roads, ditching, turnaround pads, topsoil and seeding, lock block barriers, etc.


Merv stresses that Pidherney’s is not merely a trucking or construction company.
“You’ve got to give back to the community,” says Merv…